Best Practices for At-Home Digital Learning for Kids

The world is consumed with the fear of growing COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis.
This is my very first article and I thought it is righteous to start by sharing some good practices for parents who are not only working from home but assisting kids with digital learning from home.
This is the 'new normal' that appears to be adamant to stay with us for quite some time.
If you have school age kids at home, you know the deal! They are learning from home right now and there's a very good chance they're going to need your help to help out their teachers. How can you make sure your children are getting the best education possible? And frankly any education these days for that matter.
Few best practices highlighted below that might be of help to parents in tackling digital learning at-home in the age of Coronavirus. How much school instruction time should we do? Just the amount to go through the assignments or should we try to stick to a typical school day with assignments, watching classes, reading?
Although it is really hard but it is important to start with a schedule similar to what they have at school. Try to allocate blocks of time as shown below and stick to so kids can get used to it:
15-20 minutes for kids from Prep to Grade 2
20-30 minutes for kids in grades 3 - 6
45-60 minutes for middle and high school
You will need to do few sessions of this per day as it suits to ensure the period of time is spent is similar to the normal school sessions.
What is a responsible amount of at-home learning time per day based on grade level?
Experts suggest the range to be somewhere from 3 to 6 hours. Some of this can be learning on something that is going to be an online experience and some learning offline using other kinds of resources.
Parents have to learn to do this and as time goes by kids will get used to it and will get much easier.
For parents that are working from home and home-schooling, what is the best way to block time to make sure everything is getting the attention it deserves?
It is important to block time to make sure everything that needs attention is covered. You need to set up an agreement, sit down with kids and both pledge to each other to stick to the schedule you have set.
This is hard and it is new, and I would encourage families to set aside space in the house for learning as a new normal as this could go for quite some time.
I would like to close off by highlighting the fact to keep it positive.
It‘s hard to feel positive when our kids or teenagers are driving us crazy. We often end up saying “Stop doing that!”. But children are much more likely to do what we ask if we give them positive instructions and lots of praise for what they do right.
Feel free to send in your questions and I will be more than happy to base my future blogs on them. Respect social distancing, stay safe and save families.
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