Be a good Human Being

Be a Good Human Being

Once upon a time Narad Muni who always greets people by saying “Narayan, Narayan”
(other name of lord Vishnu) visited the Lord Vishnu (Indian God) and asked him who he thought his greatest devotee was? Lord Vishnu then told Narad Muni that his greatest devotee was a poor farmer who lived in a small village of India.
Narad Muni was surprised and he reasoned with the Lord that no one chanted the lord’s name more than he did. The Lord smiled and told Narad Muni that this might take a while but before that he had to do one thing for him.
Lord Vishnu gave him a bowl full of oil….it was filled up to the brim….and as the lord handed Narad Muni the bowl he told him that he wanted him to take the bowl around the whole world making sure that while he did so not a single drop dripped out of the bowl.
Narad Muni was left speechless, he had been so engrossed in making sure that not a drop of oil spilled out of the bowl that he had completely forgotten to chant or remember god’s name in any way….
“But Lord, he argued, I was doing the work you wanted me to do….it was your work” Vishnu ji replied, “Narad…..that farmer is also doing the work I have picked for him….he is living the life I gave him…..dealing with all the circumstances that I give….and in spite of all this…..he takes time out of his busy routine to remember me day and night and that is what makes him my greatest devotee!”
NTVirusTheGuru: - I believe rather then going to holy places and do wrong things outside, its better to do remember God and be Good human being.
NTVirus The Guru

NTVirus The Guru

This phrase implies Shakespeare’s belief that a name means very little, but the individual’s worth counts.! I came up with this concept of Helping people, as I believe helping others is an art that requires a great amount of energy and passion.